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It's more than just security

Jan 22, 2015

Security can often be seen as an unwanted expense to any facility manager or bursar. If this is your viewpoint you may have the wrong security provider, who could and should be, doing more to help.

A Security Officer carrying out their duties thoroughly and with the correct management procedures in place could save you money for no extra cost.

Here is just one typical example.

On many occasions I have seen guards enter offices or classrooms at night, where the heating is struggling to heat a room that has all its windows open. Why?

The room is filled with people during the day creating a rise in temperature; windows are then opened to lower the temperature. The room empties at the end of the day and now with the windows open the heating system has to go into overdrive to keep trying to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. Of course with the windows wide open this is an endless task on a room which doesn't even need heating as no one is in it.

This may seem petty in the scheme of things, but if the room empties at 17:00 and is not used until 09:00 that's 16 hours of wasted heating. The same room probably only requires heating for 8 hours, so in theory two thirds and more of your bill is going out the window for no reason.
What if this is allowed to occur over the weekend? I make that 64 hours wasted from Friday evening till Monday morning.

Multiply this by maybe 20 classrooms or offices per building and again by several buildings and it soon starts to add up.

The moral of this story is that the right security company can offer additional services of closing the windows, turning off the lights etc rather than just ‘locking up and monitoring CCTV’.

A good security company could save you money.

Some interesting facts:
• A PC monitor left overnight can use enough electricity to laser print over 500 pages

• A tap that leaks one drop per second equates to water wastage of 165 gallons a month

• Air Conditioning accounts for at least 50% of office power bills

• Over £900 million worth of energy is wasted each year by leaving appliances on standby

• 30% of the energy used in the UK is wasted


Dave Meaklim

Blackstone Security Solutions Ltd

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