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Water deregulation is coming...

Nov 08, 2016

It’s at this time of year that we all start to hear the increasing drum beat of ‘Christmas is coming’. However, this year is slightly different and the drum beat a little muffled by the competing chant of ‘Water deregulation is coming’.

Much has been said and much has been promised by government as to the benefits and how the new market will work, and much still has to be confirmed. The predictions are for modest discounts as a result of the splitting of the industry into wholesalers and retailers and the introduction of competition for your custom between the existing and new retailers.

We have already seen developments in the market, as existing water companies  decide on whether they want to continue to be part of the retail side of their industry or to just concentrate solely on the wholesale provision of water services. New entrants are gearing up to compete and shake up the complacency, that has existed for so long, in the relationship between the current local monopolies and their customers. And current players, such as United Utilities and Severn Trent, are merging to create new, super retailers. The start of a big 5 in water?

These are the developments that are taking place on the supply side that you, as a consumer, have very little influence over. However, what you do have total control over, is your ability to prepare for April 2017 and ensure that you are ready to take full advantage of the opportunities that this momentous change will offer.

Understand your charges, the tariffs, the options, your consumption and your requirements and you will be in a position to confidently enter into the market. Consider having an audit of your current charges and you will have ensured that there are no surprises and most importantly, should you have been incorrectly charged by your current supplier, you will have ensured that any monies owed to you, will have been identified and reclaimed before you switch. An audit now will provide you with additional savings over and above the discount obtained through changing supplier and prepare you for the changes that are coming.

We can help you with all of the this and more!

Greg Shelton, Director
Waterwatch UK


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