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World Post Day - 9th October 2014

Oct 09, 2014

Today is World Post Day. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give you some tips on saving money on your postage.


Moving from stamps to franking:

It is typically more cost effective to use a franking machine if you are sending on average 15-20 stamped letters per day

You can rent a small franking machine for around £20.00+VAT per month. This will offer the savings of 12p (1st class letter) and 16p (2nd class letter).

Franking machines will also offer other benefits such as the following:

  • Professional mail - You’re able to add the school’s logo onto the mail.
  • Time saving – No more trips to the post office to buy more stamps
  • Budgeting – You are able to charge each department by using the cost departments to monitor the usage.


Posting on a Friday:

If you’re posting to an organisation that works Monday to Friday, stop sending the post 1st class on a Friday!

1st class post will normally reach the recipient on the following day, meaning it will be delivered on the Saturday. Most companies will have their Saturday post held for delivery until the Monday.

By sending it 2nd class on the Friday it will generally be delivered on the following Monday; which would be the same as sending it 1st class.

This will save you 9p if you use stamps and 13p if you are using a franking machine.


Franking Machines:

Franking machines are cost effective, if you have the right contract and the right machine for your requirements

By negotiating with your supplier you may receive some free postage, a discount on the consumables or free ‘top ups’.

Just remember that a little bit of negotiation can go a long way.


Top ups/re-credits/reset:

A top up/re-credit/reset is when you add funds to your franking machine and most firms will charge for this. One of the most well-known franking machine companies, Pitney Bowes, charge a different rate depending on the value of the top up.

Up to £100          £5.50

£101 - £300         £6.84

£301 - £1,300      £13.00

Over £1300         1% of reset value


Keep this in mind when re-crediting. It would be worth adding more on at one time, as shown in the calculation below.


Add 5x £100 = £27.50 in fees


Add 1x£500 = £13.00 in fees


I hope this gives you the information that enables you to make cost savings on your postage.

P.S This blog was created by Lucy; she used to work in the franking machine industry so if you would like further assistance, please get in touch and she will be happy to help.

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