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Education Procurement Excellence Awards

Education Procurement Excellence Awards
Education Procurement Excellence Awards: Celebrating,encouraging and promoting excellence in education procurement.   We think it's high time that independen…

The Happy Entrepreneur – Dominic Monkhouse (and why it’s relevant to schools)!

It was a great pleasure recently to attend a Wow Network event with keynote speaker Dom.  Billed as ‘The Happy Entrepreneur’ his talk promised to give us some insights into …

Every girl modern muse – the flames are burning brightly!

Just recently I was privileged to be involved in the inaugural EveryGirl Modern Muse, event at The Ark in Basingstoke. The brainchild of human dynamo Liz Jackson, Managing Dire…

Why I have a company annual birthday bash!

Have any of you read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih? You should! It’s a fantastic book all about the journey of Tony and his company Zappos, the $billion online retailin…

Morgan Cole Dinner

I attended an absolutely wonderful black tie dinner yesterday evening courtesy of the team at Morgan Cole Solicitors in Reading.  My association with the firm has been over …

Breakfast news.

Had a great breakfast meeting this morning organised by the HW team.  I love these opportunities to get together with like-minded business people and the discussions are alw…

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