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MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirteen

What happens if it all goes wrong?
  What happens if your procurement process goes wrong?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twelve

Is Lorraine still tied into those terms and conditions?
  Lorraine is still talking terms and conditions.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Eleven

Do you have time for a beautiful view?
Lorraine's taking some time out to enjoy the view.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Ten

This week we're asking if your procurement documents are up to date or obsolete!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Nine

A celebrity tactic!
This week we bring you a celebrity procurement tactic!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Eight

Presentation days are a golden opportunity...
Presentation days are a golden opportunity to get to the bottom of what suppliers are offering.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Seven

Is your lunch exotic? Expensive? Or are you hoping it will be free?!
Lorraine's in Turkey, and she's talking about lunch...

MT2 Season Four: Episode Six

GDPR - are you chickening out of checking your supply chain?
From May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect, and applies not just to your school, but also to your suppliers.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Five

Lorraine has some really important advice about tendering your payroll services.
Lorraine has some really important advice about tendering your payroll services.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Four

5 golden tips on security
In this episode from the archives, Lorraine's passing on some excellent advice on security contracts.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Three

What does your bundle look like?
When did you last review your school's mobile phone bundles? Lorraine is on location in Turkey to explain why it is worth checking your contracts!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Two

How can you help smaller suppliers?
 What can you do to help smaller suppliers tender for your school's procurement projects?

MT2 Season Four: Episode One

Season Four starts with a challenge to increase your productivity!
  Welcome back to another academic year! Season 4 starts with a challenge to help you increase your productivity...

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