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MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-two

Do you have a gold-standard relationship with your suppliers?
  Do you have a gold standard relationship with your suppliers?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Eight

Presentation days are a golden opportunity...
Presentation days are a golden opportunity to get to the bottom of what suppliers are offering.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Six

GDPR - are you chickening out of checking your supply chain?
From May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect, and applies not just to your school, but also to your suppliers.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Two

How can you help smaller suppliers?
 What can you do to help smaller suppliers tender for your school's procurement projects?

MT2 Season Three: Episode Thirty-eight

Are you talking to the right expert?
  This week Lorraine is having a bit of a rant about suppliers claiming expertise in areas that they shouldn't!     Don't forget you can view all the episodes from Se…

MT2 Season Three: Episode Thirty

Have you considered 'scarcity' when it comes to your procurement?
  Scarcity can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to school procurement, and we don't just mean shortages of commodities (although a lack of Prosecco can cause the od…

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