A day in the life of... Laura Tesh

Laura Tesh

1. Tell us something interesting about yourself we might not know?

I’ve been a mascot for Portsmouth Football Club three times

2. What’s your job title?

Tender and Compliance Officer (TACO!)

3. Explain what that means in 20 words or less!

Admin for tenders and anything else that is needed

4. What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office or start work at your desk?

I turn on the computer and make a cup of tea

5. Tea or coffee?


6. On a typical day, what are your top 3 (work related!) priorities?

  • Always having a cup of tea
  • Anything Lorraine gives me
  • Keeping an eye on the Tenders email inbox

7. What did you get up to this morning?

I ordered a birthday card and drove to work

8. What do you do in your lunch break?

Normally I go for a walk

9. What happened this afternoon?

We had a team lunch

10. Describe a ‘win’ moment you’ve had in the last month.

Getting through a really crazy busy period of work before the end of the summer term

11. Has anything gone wrong recently? What happened?!

I got Covid-19!

12. Are you a morning ‘up with the lark’ person or a night owl?

A bit of both

13. How do you spend your evenings/weekends?

Cycling or other exercise, and seeing friends and family

14. What do you most like about working for Minerva?

Doing something good for, and working with, schools.

15. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Relax a bit.

16. Your chosen specialist subject if you were on Mastermind would be what?

The TV show Friends

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