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Collaborative Cleaning Project - BASBM Schools

This page has been set up to easily facilitate the delivery of documentation and information in respect of the BASBM collaborative procurement project for outsourced cleaning services.



BASBM Cleaning Contract Procurement Support - Webinar

A recording of the information webinar for BASBM schools on 15 February 2018

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Draft timetable - RFP

Draft timetable - OJEU



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“We have worked with Minerva and Lorraine on a number of procurement projects, both as an individual academy and on a collaborative basis with a large number of Oxfordshire academies. On each occasion Lorraine and her team have exceeded our expectations in terms of their professional approach, commitment to the task and delivery of results. No request is ever too much. I would have no hesitation in recommending Minerva as a procurement partner.”

Peter Brown, Finance and Business Manager, Lord Williams's School


“We have worked closely with Lorraine on a number of collaborative procurement projects with other Oxfordshire Academy Trusts over the last 2-3 years, including payroll procurement, HR services, accountancy software and energy.  More locally, we have hired Lorraine directly to run a procurement exercise specifically for our trust to look at insurance v RPA and we have recently hired her again to look at a telephony project for our MAT as well as the purchase of furniture and ICT equipment for a new classroom block.

Lorraine is extremely hardworking and I judge her integrity to be exceptionally high – i.e. I trust the advice she provides.

We consider that we always achieve excellent value for money.  Indeed we have received exceptional value for money when we have engaged Minerva on collaborative projects (we pay 1/35 of the overall cost).  On individual projects, I often judge the costs, not only against the savings that we make, but the time it would take me to run a full OJEU compliant tender process – it becomes a ‘no-brainer’ when you see the quality of the outputs.

We have not specifically used Minerva for contract monitoring, though I would have no hesitation in recommending her for this capability.  I make this judgement based on Lorraine’s continued support to our payroll procurement even though Minerva’s formal engagement ended once the implementation was complete. 

To add a little more context, I’ve been in post here for the last 6-years and established the MAT from the beginning.  We are an 8 school MAT comprising one secondary and 7 primary schools all within close a geographical location.

To summarise, the quality of the outputs and the service has always been high, we receive excellent value for money, and I have no hesitation in recommending Minerva’s services.”

John Banbrook, Business & Finance Director, Faringdon Academy of Schools


“I’ve worked with Minerva for around 3 years now.  I first used them when I was at Didcot Girls’ School and now regularly use them here at Saint Cecilia’s.  Their work is always excellent and they ensure that I am fully compliant with procurement legislation as well as the academies financial handbook.  My auditors check tenders each year, so being able to pull out the work that Minerva do makes that meeting really easy. 

I’ve used them for two tenders recently and both were on a fixed fee basis.  They stuck to the fee and the timescales without any problem and in both instances managed the process extremely well (it meant I did not have to and saved me lots of time).  With cleaning, we have achieved a saving and I also expect to achieve a much higher quality standard through the new contract.  The added bonus with Minerva is that they are always available for any follow up queries afterwards – Lorraine has never not come through with an answer to even the silliest of questions and she has never charged me anything extra.

We think that the costs of employing Minerva were very good value considering the vast amount of work that they do in the tender.  I have neither the time or expertise to do this and I simply get too many interruptions.  With the tender analysis report, Minerva provided it to very swiftly after the tender closed and it was incredibly detailed.

In terms of time, Minerva stuck to the timescale perfectly.  They also added in reference site visits and made all the calls to arrange them for me so I just had to turn up and be shown around.  They also manage all the site tours, all the queries and the presentation days and take notes.  This is really helpful if there are any queries, as every step of the way is evidenced.

In summary, I would be very happy to recommend Minerva to support you with your forthcoming cleaning tenders.”

Dave Cobb, Business and Development Manager, Saint Cecilia's Church of England School


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