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Book Corner: Beyond Busyness

Mar 23, 2016

Beyond Busyness: Time Wisdom in an Hour by Stephen Cherry

ISBN: 978-1-908381-13-2


About the author

Stephen Cherry is Dean of Kings College, Cambridge. Formerly he was a Canon of Durham Cathedral and has extensive experience in parish ministry and college chaplaincy, having been Chaplain of King’s College, Cambridge for five years and Rector of All Saints with Holy Trinity in Loughborough for twelve. His current post at Durham combined cathedral ministry with the leadership of the Diocesan Resource Team, and he was also responsible for Continuing Ministerial Development.

Stephen is a graduate of Durham and Cambridge Universities with degrees in Psychology and Theology. His PhD from King’s College, London was a theological study of forgiveness which drew on psychology, ethics and literature. 


Busyness is a disease that affects us all! Stephen Cherry recommends that we give up busyness in order to get more done, avoid burn out and get our lives back. Sounds perfect...?!

A short bite-sized book, this is a great quick read (only 56 pages) that forces you to really think about what is making you busy. Stephen also discusses why we have become busier before suggesting some ways to embrace not time management, but time wisdom.

Why should I read it?

Time management is key to not being overwhelmed by our busy lives, both work and personal. Time wisdom goes one step further, with some simple steps to reduce the stress of busyness, giving us better control of our time, and giving us non-busy (but still full) lives.

Excerpts of choice

'The new busy does not respect the distinction between essential and desirable.'

 'The interesting questions is neither "how much are you going to do?" nor "how time efficiently are you going to do it?" Rather it is, "what purpose do you really want to serve?"


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