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Cardboard and drinks cans – a valuable commodity?

Jun 06, 2012

We at Telegreen Recycling Equipment are constantly surprised at the number of people we speak to in schools, colleges and other large institutions who are not aware of the value of the waste they throw away. They are not familiar with the prices being paid for cardboard or plastic or drinks cans for recycling and they throw everything into general waste and pay to have it collected. Whereas they might pay only a small fraction of this cost by segregating the valuable waste via a baler, cardboard compactor or bottle crusher. Lets look at some recent references to cardboard recyclingCardboard, plastic or aluminium cans when baled are normally always free to be collected. This is because a compacted bale is firstly valuable and secondly it is the equivalent of up to 30 times the volume non compacted hence a single trip to collect once a week as opposed to 2 or 3 trips by the collector.

All cardboard boxes and cartons have different values, yielding different prices paid by recyclers, but one example is based on the first month of 2012, cardboard is making approx. £90 per tonne, plastic approx. £260 per tonne and baled aluminium drinks cans £1040 per tonne.

Many companies will collect cardboard and pay a good price for it if there is sufficient volume via rebates. Rather than pay to dispose of them – why not be paid to have them collected? Reuse is the best form of recycling. The price received for your cardboard, plastic or cans by collecting companies can reduce, and sometimes more than cover, the cost of your other waste removals.

All large volume producers of waste should have a baler on site to bale cardboard and cans and a bin compactor to compact the balance of their waste so as to save on costs.

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By Gerry O’Boyle a Director of Telegreen suppliers of recycling and waste management solutions to the commercial, education and hospitality sectors.


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