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Competing for the best candidates...

Mar 29, 2016

Thoughts on what defines a positive recruitment process

by Janet Bell
Rare Partnership


Press articles about the crisis in education due to shortages of Headteachers and qualified teachers are numerous. Attracting the best candidates can fill many Headteachers with dread. “Good” teachers have their pick, so many schools now persuade their staff to stay in post.

What is successful recruitment?

It’s not a one off process. It is the culmination of events already underway, possibly unrealised. Consider these important areas:

  1. What is the school image? Are you promoting a positive image on your website and social media?

  2. What are staff saying to their networks ... are they selling your school as a positive place to work?

  3. How clear is your vision; are you effective at leading the school and fostering ambition, purpose and direction?

Seeking out feedback on how others see you is a good start. By asking others for their impressions it might help you to clarify your best qualities and Unique Selling Points. You need to reflect these in your advertisement, this is your window to the world; make readers curious enough to engage with your vacancy.

Remember recruitment and selection is a 2-way process – you get to make the first move and lay out the path but they have a choice about whether to follow it.
Your recruitment literature should reflect your uniqueness and have a clear sense of the skill sets you are seeking and what you can offer in return. If you are unclear about what you offer staff - find out! It’s too easy to take this for granted, remember you are in a competition.

Once you have attracted the right candidates you need to sustain the right impression. Review your documentation and communication with candidates. What message do they give candidates?

Consider which tasks will enable you to assess suitability for the vacancy? Have you prepared candidates for the process to ensure they can be the best they can on the day? Have you thought about utilising personality profiling to help you understand how each person prefers to operate?

We all operate on first impressions so make sure staff involved in the process are friendly, professional and engaging.

Thinking about these steps will not guarantee you success but it will ensure you have a more thoughtful and targeted recruitment process that should appeal to the right candidates. The rest is up to you. Good luck!

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