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Do we need to change anything about our Public Sector procurement processes post-Brexit?

Aug 01, 2016

A number of people have recently enquired as to whether there will be any changes to public sector procurement legislation post-Brexit.

There have been a number of useful articles on this including this one from Achilles and this one from White Paper.

In summary, as far as I can see the message is the same from all industry experts and that is that, for the moment at least, it’s business as usual. Nothing has changed and the government are likely to have far greater priorities than reforming public sector procurement regulations.

I think the most important point for any school to note is that ignorance isn’t an excuse for non-compliance. We see many schools get themselves into all sorts of hot water because they don’t fully understand the regulations or, perhaps worse, think they do and plough ahead potentially, and unwittingly, breaking all sorts of rules in the process! Things will change and you need to be absolutely certain that the rules and regulations you are applying are the most up to date. Here at Minerva we work with the regulations every day and even we struggle to keep up with the various changes being made and the inevitable ‘grey areas’ that present themselves in your procurement projects.

So my message today is that whilst we don’t see any imminent changes as a result of Brexit you must keep your eye on the ball. If you would like any additional support or advice in this area please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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