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Fundraising in Schools: Use Data Protection Changes to Revolutionise Your Fundraising Efforts

Nov 01, 2017

UK online sales in 2016 reached £133bn and in total £25bn was spent online in the runup to Christmas between November 13 and Christmas Eve.*

Today there are many opportunities out there for you to fundraise using what’s called affiliate websites. They’re not a hidden treasure chest but they will deliver funds on a continual basis. These companies have done the hard work of finding public retailers and suppliers that will donate to your school when products are bought online by your parents, friends and families.

Easy Fundraising   Go Raise   School Angel   These and others link to public retailers, many of whom are the same across each provider e.g. Amazon, Tesco, Debenhams.  School Angel is not-for-profit, claiming to donate more money than others. Spend and Donate  - Is different from the above.  A not-for profit online gift shop that sources small UK producers who give commission in return for their products being promoted. More than £1 for every £10 spent goes directly to a school of the buyer’s choice.

Apart from Spend and Donate you need to register your school to attract funds.  Spend and Donate will contact you if someone requests your school to be nominated.  Sums vary, but £2,000 appears to be a good annual income for many, providing that you are prepared to help make them work. Don’t sign up to just one, sign up to as many as you can find, let parents choose the one they prefer, that way they’ll feel more comfortable about using them.

To keep the money coming in you have do more than tell parents once about them.  Like us, parents are busy, forgetful and time poor.  So you have to do a little bit of work on a regular basis to keep the money coming in. The good news, it’s only a little bit of work and there’s some great reliable tools out there to help you. So what do you have to do?

Over 80% of your parents will click through to links in your emails. The fact that many parents ask for their newsletters to be printed and given out doesn’t matter. Do both!

Oh, but what about the Data Protection Act and the dreaded changes coming with GDPR I hear you cry!

The good news is that with the GDPR coming in to force in May 2018 you have a golden opportunity to knock this barrier down once and for all and do it in time to take a share of some of that £25bn people will be spending this Christmas!  To find out about some quick and easy steps you can take to support your fundraising efforts and comply with the new legislation click here.

*IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index 2017

clare davidson.jpgThis article was written by Clare Davidson Founder of and a professionally qualified direct marketer

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