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Morgan Cole Dinner

Mar 26, 2010

I attended an absolutely wonderful black tie dinner yesterday evening courtesy of the team at Morgan Cole Solicitors in Reading.  My association with the firm has been over a number of years and includes work done with Paul Brame of their Property Team, Guy Constant of their Commercial team and most recently with Clara Snow from their Education team based in Oxford.

Held in Wantage Hall at the University of Reading the setting was akin to an Oxford University college and provided a fabulous background to the evening.

The speaker for the event was Chris Parker, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft.  Chris was an engaging speaker and provided some really interesting insights into subjects as diverse as ‘how are Microsoft coping with the recession’ to ‘who do Microsoft engage with in the local business community’ to ‘what’s it like to work with Bill Gates’?

In addition he spoke about Microsoft’s forthcoming concerted efforts to unseat Google as the market leading search engine with their own offering Bing.

It was great to see so many friends and business colleagues and to catch up with the Morgan Cole team.

My only complaint was the fact that Morgan Cole partner Guy Constant ate all the cheese claiming that the waiter insisted the enormous selection provided was only for him!

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