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GUEST BLOG: Structural Racism and Unconscious Bias

We unfortunately, do not live in an equal society. Many people face prejudice and discrimination every day - whether open or hidden, deliberate or inadvertent - because of their race, faith, gender, sexuality, age, disability, or other aspects of their background or identity

Attention To Detail

This is a tough one all round, given that we all miss important details from time to time and no doubt regret some of those misses. However, I just wanted to let you see some of the bloopers we see as part of the tender submissions from a whole variety of bidders. Naturally I am not going to give away any names of specific bidders or schools as that would be totally unfair, but you may recognise some of these and hopefully they will give you a bit of a smirk – even if that is down to recognising you have done that yourself…….

Proceed with caution

HM Government may have circumvented normal procurement processes when it awarded businesses billions in quickie PPE contracts, but schools still need to tread carefully in this key area, says Lorraine Ashover of Minerva Procurement Consultancy.
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