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Pupils are given sleep lessons!

Mar 16, 2010

It clearly must be a sign of my age but I did find this article in the Scotsman today rather amusing.

Apparently, there is a project running in Scotland to help school pupils learn how to sleep better thus, in theory, enabling them to maximise their learning potential!

Personally, I believe that it is the parents who should be receiving the education not the pupils.  I am quite sure that as a teenager I would have loved to have stayed up until gone 11pm every night watching my favourite TV programmes but, having spent all day having fresh air and alot of exercise coupled with a clear set of parameters from my parents, I was literally falling into my bed at 9pm.

As I say, perhaps it’s my age but I do feel the ‘education’ is being aimed in the wrong direction!  In any event I am pretty sure one of Mr Woodhall’s biology classes was more than enough to send me to sleep without the aid of any additional training!

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