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Try before you buy!

Mar 10, 2014

We have recently made a bit of a silly mistake and we thought we’d share our story with you in the hope that you avoid doing what we have!

The last few weeks have been very exciting here at Minerva HQ. Firstly, we’ve been involved in a charity rowing event and secondly we have been successful in securing a stand at the 2014 ISBA Annual Conference, for the first time in our four years. Once we had finished dancing around the office in excitement we decided we should buy some fab branded clothing, for both the rowing challenge and the conference.

We decided to use a local firm, so after a phone call to arrange a visit we took a trip to their premises. This gave us the ability to try on the items before we placed our order.  This is probably the time to explain that the reason we wanted to try the items on is because I am rather long bodied and therefore struggle to find clothes that fit properly, whereas Lorraine is the opposite.

As we arrived at the supplier’s office and walked through the door, the first thing I noticed was a rail of products. We looked through the brochure and explained which style of shirts and polo shirts we wanted. We were then advised that they do not have any ‘lady fit’ items to try on. After trying on a gent’s polo, we decided it will be fine and placed the order.

A week or two later, we were very excited to hear that our tops were ready for collection. Once I returned to the office, I tried one of the shirts on and after a giggle or two, both Lorraine and I were very disappointed. The hem was almost as high as my waist and I looked like a full grown woman in a 9 year olds school shirt.  Luckily, the shirts fit Lorraine perfectly, however should they not have, they would have been a complete waste of money. I am nevertheless very happy with the polo shirts.

So the moral of the story is try before you buy! Do not go to try items on, not try them on and buy them anyway.

Just for your entertainment here is the photographic evidence:


Shirts_1.jpg    Shirts_2.jpg


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