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What to look for when choosing a supplier for your stationery requirements

Feb 08, 2016

What to look for when choosing a supplier for your stationery requirements.  

Is your current supplier continuously unable to provide the product range you require? Do they consistently make mistakes or take too long to deliver? 

If so, it may be time to look for a new supplier.  

Looking for a new supplier can be challenging, you need to ensure you have a full, thorough and very detailed proposal document from each potential supplierThis document should lay out their costs, their full product lists, their availability, and flexibility to deliver as and when you need them to.   

If you are not quite there yet, and need some help with what to look for when choosing a supplier for your stationery, paper and EOS supplies, don’t worry, we have thought of the top four things to look for 

1. Are they cost effective? 
It’s essential that your supplier can provide competitively priced products; they should be able to offer multi-product savings without compromising on quality.   

2. Will they help you make savings? 
A good supplier should be able to audit your current procurement process, provide you with a full evaluation of findings and make suggestions as to where savings can be made and wastage or duplication cut.  They should provide a full and detailed breakdown of all costs for complete transparency, which will give you more control over business spend. 

3. Can they deliver? 
Look for a supplier that has a stocking centre close to your location.  This will ensure you will benefit from a fast and responsive service where fast moving lines and business critical items are held closer to you. Your supplier should also be able to offer free, next day delivery. 
Not happy with your order? Does your supplier off a ‘no questions asked’ returns policy, allowing you to return FOC items supplied or ordered incorrectly.  

4. Can they offer something different?  
With hundreds of suppliers to choose from, look for a supplier who can offer that something extraif you placed an order but do not have the space to stock the products, could the supplier hold onto them for you and deliver them to you as and when you need them whilst guaranteeing fast and free delivery 
If the answer to any of the above is “no”, w

e at EducationTeam will work with you to eliminate time wastage and offer you one simple monthly invoicesource competitively-priced, good quality products, and deliver them reliably. Every time.  

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