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Who uses a franking machine?

Sep 19, 2016

There are those not using a franking machine, who are paying more for their postage than those that do.

Then there are those who use a franking machine, are you getting the best deal from your supplier, are you aware of the hidden charges, the lease costs, the re-crediting charges, the maintenance costs etc., and are you getting the after sales service you deserve?

If you are not using a franking machine, have you looked at the costs to your school?

  • Would you like to save a minimum of 13p on every outgoing letter?
  • How much time do you spend at the Post Office?
  • Do you have the correct range of stamps?
  • Are your stamps stored securely?
  • How do you account for your postage costs?
  • Do you print your return address on all outgoing mail?
  • How much time do you spend stamping your post?

Many schools, colleges and universities use franking machines but are not necessarily benefiting from the Mailmark discounts.

If you are using a franking machine, how much do you know about your supplier and what others can offer?

  • All our costs are transparent
  • No hidden re-set charges
  • All inclusive maintenance agreements
  • No cost for Royal Mail rate changes
  • 4 hour call outs
  • Personal telephone support line
  • Be supported by some of the longest serving people within the industry.


John Lafferty, Director

IMS Franking

Category: Cost Savings

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