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Copleston High School - Reprographics

With 1800 pupils on roll (1500 in Yrs. 7-11, 300 in Sixth Form) and over 200 staff, Copleston High School is one of the largest schools in Suffolk. The school converted to academy status in 2011 and is increasingly using this change to positive effect in …

MT2 Season One: Episode Three

This week Lorraine does her best impression of Superman, minus the cape!

Bradfield College Reprographics

Unlike the majority of Minerva projects, which are based on identifying monetary savings, the College engaged us on a consultancy basis knowing that they simply wouldn’t have the time available to conduct the project in the in-depth manner necessary. The…

An Introduction to MT2 - Season One: Episode One

Welcome to MT2, Minerva's weekly video providing procurement tactics for schools.

MT2 Season One Episode Seven

This week Lorraine is learning some new tactics for Minerva, but how does this apply to you?

Loyalty doesn't always pay

Why being a loyal customer doesn't always result in you getting the best deal.

Free schools are an achievement this government should be proud of

So says Toby Young, controversial broadcaster, associate editor of the Spectator magazine, blogger for the Telegraph and co-founder of the first free school in England to sign a funding agreement with Michael Gove. Toby was speaking at the 4th anniversar…

Oxfordshire Academies Payroll

Every academy had more than one viable option open to them offering a ‘value for money’ solution. By negotiating as a group the academies have not only reduced their costs, achieving savings of around 17% against their existing costs, but have access to …

MT2 Season One: Episode Two

Welcome to episode two of MT2. This week we have been to Bett but what is this week's tactic?

Sherborne School - Laundry

The school has reduced the number of suppliers utilised from 6 to 4. All boarding houses will be using the same suppliers for the same items which are all collected and delivered on the same days. The school are benefiting from cost savings in excess of 3…

MT2 Season One Episode Six

This week Lorraine has been to the dreaded dentist but what is this week's two minute tactic?

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