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I know it seem like a bit of a strange question but... What is your favourite biscuit? We would love to know!

PAM Update

Minerva update - June 2015 If you don't pick it up from the video.. I have been working at Minerva for 2 1/2 years! :)  (I think my nerves may have taken over slightly)! Lucy…

The wheels on the bus might not go round

The Hockey Master is off sick… is there anyone with a free period who can take the kids in the minibus across town? Whoa there! Driving a school minibus is a very complex matte…

3 ways your school should be using social media for enrolment

Over the past few years, social media has transformed the way schools reach out to new applicants. Parents and teenagers are all online, and they expect to be engaged. So how c…

10 tips for when you can't justify a professional photographer

At some stage, most schools have needed to photograph a key event but could not justify getting a professional photographer who may charge a full day’s rate for the shoot. So he…

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