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MT2 Season Four: Episode Ten

This week we're asking if your procurement documents are up to date or obsolete!


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‘In-tend’ e-tendering system - At Minerva we carry out every procurement process in full compliance with all regulations. To that end we have invested in the use of online e-tend…

MT2 Season Four: Episode Nine

A celebrity tactic!
This week we bring you a celebrity procurement tactic!


BASBM Resources Welcome to Minerva's resource page for the Birmingham Association of School Business Management Conference. You will find below all the case studies to which L…

MT2 Season Four: Episode Eight

Presentation days are a golden opportunity...
Presentation days are a golden opportunity to get to the bottom of what suppliers are offering.

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go… My article is about employee retention and I thought this song title was very apt.  Unless you are going through a period of downsizing, most deci…

Fundraising in Schools: Use Data Protection Changes to Revolutionise Your Fundraising Efforts

UK online sales in 2016 reached £133bn and in total £25bn was spent online in the runup to Christmas between November 13 and Christmas Eve.* Today there are many opportunities …

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