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MT2 Season Five: Episode Twelve

Feedback is a gift!
 Don't forget that you must provide feedback to both your successful and unsuccessful bidders when you run a tender.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Eleven

Framework or full OJEU tender?
  Lorraine's been working on a school IT project using a framework. Find out why you might consider a framework in this week's Two Minute Tactics.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Ten

Tendering your payroll or HR Admin?
  Don't forget these top tips on tendering your Payroll and HR Admin services.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Nine

Have you made someone smile today?
In her role as a RAKtivist, Lorraine is talking about kindness in this week's MT2!

MT2 Season Five: Episode Eight

Ambulances and police cars and fire engines, oh my!
 Lorraine's got some top procurement tips for you this week, courtesy of the emergency services!

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