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MT Season Six: Episode Thirty

In a time of crisis the unscrupulous will try and take advantage - but despite appearances it is not Lorraine who is the criminal here
Lorraine advises how to beat the mad, bad and downright illegal

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Nine

The world is changing and so is the way you can use technology
Think about how you can maximise your use technology during lockdown

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Eight

Check your contract - and don't be afraid to add the clauses you need.
Push back if you need to - your contract has to be fit for purpose.

Planning new windows of opportunity

Is the summer term an opportunity to carry out some reviews and planning?
The period since the school shutdown has been furiously busy for school business professionals. The past few weeks have been a curious mix of firefighting shutdown related issu…

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Seven

Just one of the glamorous venues Lorraine could be found in 2014 - prior to lockdown! Remember that?
A reminder of what we are all missing in the outside world.....

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