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Planning for the other side of the looking glass

Like Alice in Wonderland, we seem to have clambered through the looking glass into a strange, fantastical world where logic has been inverted. The normal rhythms of our lives h…

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Four

Shock! What has kept Lorraine from Glastonbury? It can only be a global pandemic!
But she is here with a reminder to watch out for notice periods - don't get stuck with providers you don't want.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Three

To procurement and beyond - always be alert for people who are out to defraud you
Procurement fraud costs the public purse billions. Lorraine advises how to avoid this in the procurement process and through contract monitoring and measurement

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Two

When you buy technology, are you comparing bananas and limes? Lorraine explains all..
Don't be blinded by tech - get an independent interpreter....

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty One

In the days you could go to Starbucks....
A look back at how you should not let your personal preferences cloud your procurement decisions.

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