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MT2 Season Seven: Episode Eight

Will you be a RAKtivist again this year?
Wind, rain, Covid-19, the US elections... It's all looking a bit grim outside the windows this week! So we thought it would be an excellent time to dig out this episode from t…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Seven

Are you making a list?
Are you making a list? Checking it twice...? It might be a bit early for Christmas references (sorry), but lists are a powerful tool when it comes to keeping an eye on your sc…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Six

Can we talk?
Email and phone calls are great for most things, but sometimes you just need to sit down and talk. Socially-distanced, of course.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Five

Ask us anything!
Lorraine's got a question about cheese in this week's episode. She's sure it's not a stupid question, but could she Brie wrong...?

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