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MT2 Season Seven: Episode Twelve

Keep changing those negatives to positives
I think we'd all agree that it's not been the easiest of years so far, which makes it a good time to look back at this episode from the archives: turn those negatives into pos…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Eleven

Five is the magic number
  It's not 3, 20 or 126. It isn't even 42. When it comes to the optimum number of bidders, our magic number is 5.

Look and you’ll find the silver lining

Silver linings can be found amongst the grimness
Silver linings can be found amongst the grimness, says Lorraine Ashover of Minerva Procurement Consultancy. I wanted this month’s blog to look at the brighter side of the pande…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Ten

Welcome to NOvember. Just Say No!
A new concept, maybe, but a vital one in these demanding times.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Nine

Can you get a better offer?
You might think your supplier has given you a great deal, but can it be improved by a BAFO?

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