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MT2 Season Five: Episode Five

Are you getting the most out of your incumbent suppliers?
  Are you avoiding re-tendering because you're happy with the services provided? Find out why it might be worth re-tendering anyway

MT2 Season Five: Episode Four

Do you read reviews?
  Lorraine is making the most of every bit of added value that she can get. Are you?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Three

Are you getitng added value?
  Lorraine is making the most of every bit of added value that she can get. Are you?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Two

It may only be September, but Lorraine has been having a 'spring' clean...
  Have you been hoarding things like Lorraine has?

MT2 Season Five: Episode One

Did you say what you meant?
  Did you say what you meant? Or were the words you used ambiguous?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-eight

Summer madness!
  The summer holidays are nearly upon us, but there's so much to do...

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-seven

Do you really need to go to that meeting?
  Travelling to meetings can take up a lot of time, but what's the alternative?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-six

Take a leaf out of Tesco's book
  Take a leaf out of Tesco's book: consider working (and procuring) collaboratively.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-five

Like the rail companies, it's worth planning ahead
  We though it appropriate to resurrect this episode from the archives given the recent train timetabling problems. Lorraine advocates planning ahead!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-four

It's only a game...
  This week is 'football fever' - who's on your team?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-three

It's date night!
  This week's Two Minute Tactics were filmed out on Lorraine's date night. Date night as inspiration for procurement advice? To be honest, we were a bit worried...!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-two

Are you busy at this time of year? We certainly are!
  If you're overwhelmed by your procurement and and all the contract renewals coming up, Lorraine has some advice to give you a bit of breathing space.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty-one

  Do you take up references for your suppliers? Is it worth the time invested? Find out more in this episode from the archives!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Thirty

What's your personal preference?
  What's your personal preference, and does it affect how you assess your procurement?

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-nine

Lorraine has some advice for you
  This week Lorraine is at yet another exciting location* to make some recommendations.   *We promise, it isn't Basingstoke this time. Place your bets on next week's …

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-eight

Who knew that procuring passports could be so complicated?
  This week Lorraine is out at a very glamorous location* to talk about how tender processes sometimes go wrong. *Ok, ok, it's just Basingstoke...!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-seven

Tea cups of gold...
  In another gold episode from the archives, Lorraine is talking about tea cups!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-six

If you don't plan ahead, it can really cost you...
  If you don't plan ahead, it can really cost you, as Lorraine experienced this week!

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-five

Lorraine's in two places at once!
  We're not sure how she's done it (cloning isn't involved, much to everyone's relief!), but this week Lorraine's in two places at once.

MT2 Season Four: Episode Twenty-four

What can your technology do for you?
  Are you an Apple fan or do you prefer Android? Or are you one of those rare (lucky!) people that can switch between both?

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