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MT2 Season Six: Episode Nineteen

This week Lorraine is feeling the LURRRRVE
 On Valentine's Day Lorraine's advice is to share the LURRRVE with each other and your suppliers. It makes us feel warm and cuddly inside!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Eighteen

Remember to make the most of your hidden benefits
  This week Lorraine looks back at a lovely time in London when she capitalised (in the Capital) on her hidden benefits.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Seventeen

Supplier presentations - see the whites of their eyes
 This week Lorraine explains why supplier presentations are such a vital part of the procurement process - because what you see is not always what you get.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Sixteen

Is it time to ring the changes with telephony?
 This week Lorraine suggests a “call” to action with a couple of tactics to maximise savings on your telephony costs. No need to “phone a friend” for this advice – just “mobil…

MT2 Season Six: Episode Fifteen

A New Year reminder to get moving!
 In the New Year, Lorraine looks back on how taking action will help your ability to move forward and improve your procurement processes.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Fourteen

Make sure your IT is open all hours
 Lorraine wishes you a Happy New Year with a reminder to make sure you know where your passwords are kept...and keep an eye on your website.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirteen

Minerva's Christmas Message of positivity, thanks and awesomeness!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twelve

When is a bargain not a bargain? When you don't need it!
 This week Lorraine is suffering through some Christmas shopping and in doing so has uncovered some interesting information about shopping bargains……

MT2 Season Six: Episode Eleven

Remember to watch out for the cowboys in your ranks
  Lorraine looks back and indulges her love of cowboys hats - but not of cowboys!!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Ten

3 is the magic number. Or is it....?
 Lorraine is not happy! Check out this week’s episode to find out why!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Nine

Try before you buy! Make sure the service is fit for purpose
.This week Lorraine advises to try before you buy. This works on everything from cheese and gin to catering and cleaning.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Eight

KFC Revisited
Lorraine takes up a golden opportunity to revisit an old haunt and to remind us that even the biggest of companies make the most basic of mistakes.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Seven

Sweat the small stuff!
This week, Lorraine explains why time spent up front preparing your bid submission forms for your tender documentation could save you so much time and effort later in the proc…

MT2 Season Six: Episode Six

Are you on the ball?
 Are you on the ball and in control? If not, Lorraine warns, you could be contributing to your contractor's poor performance

MT2 Season Six: Episode Five

Be kind and give yourself time!
 Today Lorraine shares her thoughts on life as well as procurement. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to make those difficult decisions.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Four

Golden Tech Moments - think before you buy and make sure your tech works for you.
  This week in our raid of the archives, Lorraine reminds us not to be a brand slave and to “think not what you can do for your tech but what your tech can do for you”!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Three

Are your key suppliers ready for Brexit?
As we hurtle towards Brexit make sure that your key suppliers are ready and you have everything in place to limit the risk.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Two

Take note(s) to avoid disappointment next time
    With another episode coming from Lorraine’s Cornish travels find out what Maisie thought about Land’s End and what on earth that has to do with procurement!

MT2 Season Six: Episode One

Every Penny Counts - use what you have to save money
    This week Lorraine has had a busman’s holiday by trying to find cost savings whilst on her summer break with Maisie! Find out what little gems she discovered with very …

MT2 Season Five: Episode Forty

Have a great Summer and take a breath to plan for next year. Remember you are doing a fantastic job!
    Lorraine advises to take a little time to prepare for the new academic year; but most importantly take time to rest and come back refreshed in September. Above all, rem…

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