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MT2 Season Seven: Episode Three

Have your favourite biscuits gone missing? It could be part of a wider problem...
There's a scarcity of catering companies bidding for tenders - find out more in this week's video.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Two

Lorraine on the lake, in the rain. She did not prepare but you should. The better the preparation, the better the outcomes.
Lorraine gives her tips on how you can be prepared for your procurement to ensure you get the best outcomes

MT2 Season Seven: Episode One

Welcome to Season 7 - Planning your procurement starts now!
Welcome back! And your procurement planning starts here.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Six

It's the end of term and time to have a party...
We might get knocked down - but we always get back up again!

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Five

A golden member to remember we are part of something bigger
A reminder that your networks will help and support you - and they don't go away even in the hard times.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Four

Shock! What has kept Lorraine from Glastonbury? It can only be a global pandemic!
But she is here with a reminder to watch out for notice periods - don't get stuck with providers you don't want.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Three

To procurement and beyond - always be alert for people who are out to defraud you
Procurement fraud costs the public purse billions. Lorraine advises how to avoid this in the procurement process and through contract monitoring and measurement

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty Two

When you buy technology, are you comparing bananas and limes? Lorraine explains all..
Don't be blinded by tech - get an independent interpreter....

MT2 Season Six: Episode Thirty One

In the days you could go to Starbucks....
A look back at how you should not let your personal preferences cloud your procurement decisions.

MT Season Six: Episode Thirty

In a time of crisis the unscrupulous will try and take advantage - but despite appearances it is not Lorraine who is the criminal here
Lorraine advises how to beat the mad, bad and downright illegal

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Nine

The world is changing and so is the way you can use technology
Think about how you can maximise your use technology during lockdown

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Eight

Check your contract - and don't be afraid to add the clauses you need.
Push back if you need to - your contract has to be fit for purpose.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Seven

Just one of the glamorous venues Lorraine could be found in 2014 - prior to lockdown! Remember that?
A reminder of what we are all missing in the outside world.....

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Six

Pace yourself to find a speed that suits you and your level of expertise
Don't run before you can walk - find the right pace for your level

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Five

In these difficult times, there is help dealing with the most pressing issues. Lorraine gives guidance on how to deal with catering contracts - and don't forget to take care of yourself
Lorraine gives vital information on how to deal with catering contracts and where to find help. Most importantly, take a breath and take care of yourself.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Four

Eat Chocolate, Keep Calm and Carry On
Lorraine's advice this week is eat chocolate but keep on with your tender processes - there are ways and means to keep things going

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Three

A timely look back at how change can affect us - and how to deal with it
A timely reminder of how change can affect us - and how we will deal with it.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty Two

Being a Business Manager can be a lonely job. Conferences and events remind you, you are not alone!
A tired, but happy Lorraine, is at the Oxfordshire Academies Business Managers Conference, reflecting on the size of the SBM role and how good it is to get out, network and re…

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty One

Make sure the Scores on the Doors match your requirements
Save time! Give your suppliers a template so that they answer the questions you need them to answer.

MT2 Season Six: Episode Twenty

This week Lorraine administers First Aid
  Assess, Triage, Diagnose, Treat and Monitor - what first aid and procurement have in common

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