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MT2 Season Six: Episode Sixteen

Check your telephone bills - there are big savings to be made
Check your telephone bills - there are big savings to be made

Hosted telephony - why invest?

Keep teachers, staff and parents in communication with a hosted phone system
Background The education sector must consider many factors when introducing a telephony system. Schools look for three things in a phone system - resilience, safety and efficiency…

MT2 Season Three: Episode Twenty-three

Ring ring!
  The advice from this early episode really is golden - we're still giving this same advice to customers looking at reviewing their telephony services! Nothing has changed a…

Focus’ed on Telecoms

Focus’ed on Telecoms
In today’s market saving money and reducing expenditure is key to any SBM or Bursar, so it may not be surprising to know that over 60% of schools and colleges use an alternative s…

IP telephony systems – really worth the switch?

In the last twelve months, increasing numbers of independent schools are switching from their traditional telephone systems to more future-proof and innovative solutions, su…

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