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MT Season Five: Episode Twenty

Contract Renewals - when is a deadline not a deadline?
Contract Renewals - when is a deadline, not a deadline?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Nineteen

Your Contract MOT - is everything in working order?
width="420" height="315"> Don't forget regular supplier reviews to identify issues, resolve them and improve the service.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Eighteen

What if it all goes wrong?
This week's episode from the archives is all about things going wrong.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Seventeen

Does your ferry company deliver to your door?
Do you always read the small print of your school's contracts?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Sixteen

Purchased any ferries recently?
This week Lorraine is talking about avoiding challenges to your procurement processes.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Fifteen

One hundred and eighty!
Are you any good at mental maths? Hopefully you have been paying attention to the numbers in your procurement processes.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Fourteen

Christmas raffle
We're running a Christmas raffle! Find out more in this week's video.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Thirteen

We're facing a shortage...
In this Gold episode, Lorraine talks about scarcity of suppliers.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Twelve

Feedback is a gift!
 Don't forget that you must provide feedback to both your successful and unsuccessful bidders when you run a tender.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Eleven

Framework or full OJEU tender?
  Lorraine's been working on a school IT project using a framework. Find out why you might consider a framework in this week's Two Minute Tactics.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Ten

Tendering your payroll or HR Admin?
  Don't forget these top tips on tendering your Payroll and HR Admin services.

MT2 Season Five: Episode Nine

Have you made someone smile today?
In her role as a RAKtivist, Lorraine is talking about kindness in this week's MT2!

MT2 Season Five: Episode Eight

Ambulances and police cars and fire engines, oh my!
 Lorraine's got some top procurement tips for you this week, courtesy of the emergency services!

MT2 Season Five: Episode Seven

Warning: fraudulent emails are on the rise
We're hearing more and more stories about schools being scammed by fraudulent emails. Make sure that you and your team are doing everything you need to keep your school safe. …

MT2 Season Five: Episode Six

18 months on, has our Brexit advice changed?
This gold episode was originally broadcast in January 2017, after Lorraine attended a seminar on the implications of Brexit. Our advice hasn't changed at all!

MT2 Season Five: Episode Five

Are you getting the most out of your incumbent suppliers?
  Are you avoiding re-tendering because you're happy with the services provided? Find out why it might be worth re-tendering anyway

MT2 Season Five: Episode Four

Do you read reviews?
  Lorraine is making the most of every bit of added value that she can get. Are you?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Three

Are you getitng added value?
  Lorraine is making the most of every bit of added value that she can get. Are you?

MT2 Season Five: Episode Two

It may only be September, but Lorraine has been having a 'spring' clean...
  Have you been hoarding things like Lorraine has?

MT2 Season Five: Episode One

Did you say what you meant?
  Did you say what you meant? Or were the words you used ambiguous?

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