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MT2 Season Seven: Episode Nineteen

Surely this can't be right...
Has Lorraine found something that men can do better than women....

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Eighteen

Don't get conned into opting- in
width="420" height="315"> Don't get landed with a service you don't want and did not ask for!

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Seventeen

Where's OJEU gone?
  Yes, we've Brexited, but what does it mean for school procurement and the OJEU process?

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Sixteen

Don't forget to look after yourself
  To be honest, we struggled this week to find an appropriate episode from the archives that suited the current situation with everyone trying to deal with Lockdown 3.0 and …

Minerva's Christmas Message

One incredible year; countless amazing acheivements
Never has a Christmas break been more deserved! Have a break but do not forget to take stock of just all your amazing accomplishments

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Fourteen

New Year, new OJEU
OJEU is changing to FTS (Find a Tender Service), and your tender processes will need to be compliant with the new system.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Thirteen

Take time to get it right
  Make sure the information you give your bidders is accurate - it will save you time in the long run!

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Twelve

Keep changing those negatives to positives
I think we'd all agree that it's not been the easiest of years so far, which makes it a good time to look back at this episode from the archives: turn those negatives into pos…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Eleven

Five is the magic number
  It's not 3, 20 or 126. It isn't even 42. When it comes to the optimum number of bidders, our magic number is 5.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Ten

Welcome to NOvember. Just Say No!
A new concept, maybe, but a vital one in these demanding times.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Nine

Can you get a better offer?
You might think your supplier has given you a great deal, but can it be improved by a BAFO?

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Eight

Will you be a RAKtivist again this year?
Wind, rain, Covid-19, the US elections... It's all looking a bit grim outside the windows this week! So we thought it would be an excellent time to dig out this episode from t…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Seven

Are you making a list?
Are you making a list? Checking it twice...? It might be a bit early for Christmas references (sorry), but lists are a powerful tool when it comes to keeping an eye on your sc…

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Six

Can we talk?
Email and phone calls are great for most things, but sometimes you just need to sit down and talk. Socially-distanced, of course.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Five

Ask us anything!
Lorraine's got a question about cheese in this week's episode. She's sure it's not a stupid question, but could she Brie wrong...?

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Four

Plan your procurement, or it could cost you...
Planning ahead is always worth while, as Lorraine found out in this Gold episode - it's not a mistake she'll make again!

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Three

Have your favourite biscuits gone missing? It could be part of a wider problem...
There's a scarcity of catering companies bidding for tenders - find out more in this week's video.

MT2 Season Seven: Episode Two

Lorraine on the lake, in the rain. She did not prepare but you should. The better the preparation, the better the outcomes.
Lorraine gives her tips on how you can be prepared for your procurement to ensure you get the best outcomes

MT2 Season Seven: Episode One

Welcome to Season 7 - Planning your procurement starts now!
Welcome back! And your procurement planning starts here.

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