The Power Of Personal Networks

Rhian has been running Business Managers Networks in Oxfordshire and Berkshire for nearly 10 years. Here she tells us why they are so important and top tips for setting up your own.

Happy School Business Leader’s Day

10th June 2022 is School Business Leader's Day - you were probably so busy that you did not even notice. We’re all aware of the continued challenges faced by the SBL community, But, as always, the SBL Community is there to support each other and lift people up when needed. What a bloody brilliant bunch you all are!

GUEST BLOG: Structural Racism and Unconscious Bias

We unfortunately, do not live in an equal society. Many people face prejudice and discrimination every day - whether open or hidden, deliberate or inadvertent - because of their race, faith, gender, sexuality, age, disability, or other aspects of their background or identity
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