Electric Vehicle Charging: Can your school leverage an opportunity?

Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points can help you attract and retain staff and achieve your organisational objectives, while offering a potential revenue stream.

What can you gain: Three advantages of installing electric vehicle charging points

The planned ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, along with a greater emphasis on achieving net zero targets, has driven exponential growth in the popularity of EVs in recent years. In fact, the UK is now Europe’s second largest market for electric cars according to an independent automotive analyst.

Consider future-proofing your infrastructure now to leverage some key benefits in addition to the obvious advantage of charging your own electric minibuses.

  1. Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility
    Installing EV charging points on your site can demonstrate that your school is committed to environmental and net zero objectives.
  1. Attract and retain talent
    Allowing staff to charge their own vehicles during the working day could help attract and retain staff and boost engagement and job satisfaction. This is particularly relevant where staff are challenged to charge personal vehicles at home, or concerned about range, although you may need to consider a small charge to avoid being subject to any Benefit in Kind tax.
  1. Return on investment opportunity
    EV charging points offer a revenue stream for your school by allowing the public to utilise your charging facilities for a fee. This arrangement can allow you to cover the cost of the charge points as a minimum, or to provide a return on your investment. Public users of your charging points can include site visitors, parents, sports clubs and other hiring groups of your facilities. But you can consider local residents too, particularly where a local area lacks off-street parking, or is heavily populated with terraced properties or flats. 
What is the opportunity?

Based on a simple assessment carried out for a site with two charging points, charged for four hours per day, an estimated net income of £7.84 per day could be possible, assuming a recharge cost of £0.22 p/kWh. This offers an estimated annual income of £2,862.00.

Accessing government grants for EV charge points

Government grants are available that provide support on the upfront costs of buying and installing car chargers for businesses, charities and public sector organisations. The Workplace Charging Scheme is designed to encourage the uptake of EVs in the workplace and covers up to 75% of the costs per charge point (capped at £350 per socket) up to 40 sockets, and can be applied for in stages.

While it is not a requirement to run EVs to access the funding, it is necessary to demonstrate intentions to encourage EV use by staff. It is important to note that any charge points installed under the scheme are for employee use only, so consider whether you would want your charge points to provide a revenue stream, either now or in the future. More information about the scheme is available here.

How can Zenergi help?

Zenergi offers a full service solution that is managed entirely in-house. The service provides schools, colleges and trusts with a solution that is fully integrated with the site’s facilities, while being simple to manage, reliable, and offers the necessary compliance and warranties for full peace of mind.

Our history of working within the education sector since 2003 means we understand the school environment and are well placed to support any Minerva members wishing to explore the opportunity.

Zenergi can provide a complimentary desktop feasibility survey based on some simple information provided. The proposal will detail the expected implementation costs, along with the potential return on investment. Email bepositive@zenergi.co.uk and one of the team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity for your school, college or trust.

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