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Minerva's 'Practical Procurement Webinars'

“Minerva’s practical procurement webinars continue to provide great tips to help with purchasing products and services, they’re excellent!”                                                            Roger Walker, Director of Operations, Notting Hill & Ealing High School 

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May - Buckle Up!

May's 'Practical Procurement Webinar' covers minibus leasing. If this drives you mad, register now!

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June - Ironing out the facts

June's 'Practical Procurement Webinar' covers laundry so if you're a little unsure of this topic make sure to register and wash away all doubt.

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Webinar Recordings

Feel free to view previous webinars via the 'Go To Webinar' link.

8 ways to cut your costs by 10%!

This webinar gives you 8 ways to cut your costs by 10%.

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(Un)certainty with interest rates (Money doesn't grow on trees)

A review of the current economic climate and it’s likely impact on interest rates for borrowers and savers.

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Radioing in for backup.

Blackstone Security help you with your disaster planning and emergency management plan.

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En-light-ening you with new initiatives!

An update on the current energy market and new initiatives.

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Business Rate Bonanza!

If you find this topic tax-ing spend 30 minutes watching this webinar.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Tweet all about it!

Get your face out of that book, stop watching the birds twitter and
get linked in with everyone else.

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Press on with printing

Taking you from front cover to back cover on procuring your printing.

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Quality Coaches or Casual Cowboys?

The A to B of pupil transport. This webinar will "drive" you in the right direction to great pupil transport procurement.

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A Nightmare on Photocopier Lease Street!

The real horror story of photocopier lease agreements.

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Stationary stationery costs

Everything that you need to know to keep your stationery costs low and how to stop the staff from purchasing the expensive branded products.

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Broadband 101

Broadband can be a minefield so luckily for you, we have an expert
to gently introduce those that are not so au fait with the topic.

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A sprinkling of H2O

How to ensure that your water bills are charged correctly and details of water audits.

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A boost of energy!

Understanding the energy market & benefits of using a broker

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What a load of rubbish

What to look for in a service, typical waste generated by schools and new regulations in Scotland.

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Tupe's in the tub - Cleaning Webinar

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Ringing the changes!

How to get best value on your telephony

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The Energy Efficiency Opportunity

Plus how to avoid big mistakes on major projects.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Sit back, relax, and we'll furnish you with all the details of procuring school furniture.

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Fixing Your Oil Price

Solutions for schools

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