I’m a finalist!

At a time where there seems to be not much other than bad news, I was thrilled to discover that I have been named as a finalist in the ‘Most Inspiring Business Person’ award category in the National Entrepreneur’s Awards.

The award is in recognition of business owners who have a story to inspire others.  In my case, this has come about from a time when the business went through a difficult period.  The judges felt that what I had achieved to turn the situation from negative to a fantastic positive was worthy of recognition.

Being a business owner is a tough gig.  Stress, long hours, financial headaches and a burden of responsibility to help and support others…….sounds a bit like a Business Manager’s job then!

Even if I don’t win, I am so very proud to be a finalist.

The awards ceremony was meant to be on Monday night but has been postponed due to the…..well you know why.  So I will have to wait a little longer to find out if I have been successful.  Wish me luck!

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