Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services Annual Customer Service Survey Results

Celebrating Service Excellence

At Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services, we are thrilled to announce the results of our Annual Customer Service Survey, conducted in conjunction with National Customer Service Week. This year’s survey yielded fantastic feedback from our valued clients, and we couldn’t be more delighted to share the results with you including a very special award win!

Value for Money

We asked our clients if they felt that we offer good value for money, and the response was resounding. An astounding 100% of respondents said “Yes,” highlighting our dedication to cost-effective solutions. One client even praised us for helping them avoid pitfalls with contracts and underscored the significant savings achieved through our services.

Procurement Audit Reports

When it comes to the Procurement Audit Reports we deliver with our projects and the level of detail included, 91.67% of respondents rated them as “Excellent,” with the remaining 8.33% rating them as “Good.” Clients described our reports as “detailed and up to date,” commending the quality and thoroughness of our work.

Whilst it’s heartening to see that so many clients are content with our reports, we never rest on our laurels and constantly look for ways to improve our services. So the survey asked for ideas with one client suggesting an interim audit report to streamline their processes further.  This is now in development demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.

Interactions and Communication

In the realm of customer interactions, 100% of our clients rated us as “Excellent.” They appreciated our consistent communication, even when the specific individual they were trying to contact was unavailable.

Future Projects

We were delighted to find that 100% of respondents would consider using us for future projects. Clients acknowledged the value we bring, citing our PCR compliance, cost-effectiveness, and legal compliance with tendering laws.


When asked if they would recommend Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services to other schools or trusts, 100% of our clients responded with a resounding “Yes.” We think this high level of satisfaction speaks volumes about the quality of our services and is probably why we get so many referrals!

Additional feedback

We were overwhelmed by the positive comments from our clients:

  • One client celebrated their 10-year partnership with us, highlighting the millions saved and reinvested in quality services for pupils.
  • Others encouraged us to keep doing what we’re doing and commended our B1G1 projects (more on that below).
  • Clients praised our prompt response to queries, guidance through the procurement process, and support during the tender process.

Making Our Service Extraordinary

When asked how we can make our service truly extraordinary, our clients provided a range of imaginative and bold ideas including:

  • Ensuring bidders’ claims align with their delivery (a problem that continues to vex us)!
  • Emphasizing sustainability and encouraging green procurement decisions.
  • And even requesting more of our popular “Jo’s Ridiculously Brilliant Work Ideas” personalised notebooks.

A Commitment to Excellence

We are immensely proud to share these survey results, which reaffirm our commitment to providing top-notch procurement consultancy services to schools and trusts. These results are a testament to our dedication to exceptional customer service.

We’re really grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide this feedback, it’s only with this information we can continue to grow and improve.  As a ‘thank you’ for completion we entered all respondents into a draw to win the chance to make a £100 donation to a project of their choice via our support of the B1G1 initiative.

Malv Bhomra of River Learning Trust was the successful name drawn out and he chose to support a project which gives grants to disadvantaged children so they can learn to play a musical instrument.

You can find out more about our support of B1G1 from our previous blog post by clicking here.

And the winner is…….

And finally, we are excited to announce that we recently won the 2022/23 Service Excellence Category at the Basingstoke Inspire Awards. The judges praised our unwavering commitment to customer service and our money-back guarantee, affirming the quality of our work. This award reflects our ongoing enthusiasm for placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services looks forward to another year of serving our clients with excellence and exploring new ways to exceed their expectations. Thank you for your continued trust and support, and we’re excited to embark on more successful projects together.

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