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As Lorraine is about to start the Great North Run she reflects on what is needed to plan a procurement project - timing, stamina, support and fuel for the journey
Celebrate the end of term and be inspired by your own successes this year.
Resilient, dedicated, enthusiastic, positive are just some of the words the Minerva team used to describe the sort of amazing people you are
Make sure that your bidders provide you with all the relevant detail to save yourself time, money, effort and stress!
Lorraine looks at opportunities that you have to work together to save money
September may seem a long way away but in procurement terms, if you are renewing your contracts you need to be working towards this date now.
2022 has not been easy but as Lorraine looks back the one constant has been School Business Managers keeping things on track.
Gliiz and glamour at the bin complex - now that is unexpected!
Use the opportunity to ask the searching questions that will make a difference
This academic year will be as challenging as ever but you do not have to face with these challenges alone.
As we head towards the Summer Break, a reminder to relax, reflect and take time for yourself.
One from the archives - do not be tempted to take your eye off the ball. You could be making problems in the future
This week Lorraine is on the ski slopes - beautiful scenery but a serious message about procurement crisis management and timing.
This week Lorraine is at Bett 2022 with advice on buying tech without being blinded by science
When you enter into contract negotiations know how far you want to go and be prepared to walk away
This week sees Lorraine at a Conference (yes with actual people) in Birmingham. After 20 months apart she is relishing being with people and revisiting the value of networking and learning from her peers.
This week, Lorraine’s been to the pub, no surprise there then! She has a great tactic to share to help ensure you give yourself the optimum chance of getting the best outcome for your tender.
Lorraine takes us back to those days when we could fuel at the pump - and gives us a few tips on how to manage our minibus fleets
This week Lorraine updates us all on what photocopiers, food, people, and gas have in common! She gives some advice on how you can proactively manage the situation and issues to keep in mind
This week Lorraine is in a field (yes really!) with a tactic to help you ensure a level playing one for all your bidders!
Sometimes Lorraine should follow her own advice to avoid making some elementary errors. But all ends well in Paris - the sun is shining, the birds are singing and life is good.
Have a great Summer but look forward to next year and think about contract renewals. You will be glad you did - honest!
A message from 2018 which is as important today as it was then - do not be taken in by scammers. They are everywhere and they do not give up.
This week Lorraine is a bit sweaty and her equipment has let her down so let this be a lesson for us all.
Some excellent tactics this week on how to manage communication with in house teams. It can be an unsettling time for many but you must remain compliant - be reassuring but do not give anything away.
Read your bids so you can ask the right questions at the presentation.
This week Lorraine is reporting from Turkey on how vital it is to read the reviews and to take references seriously. They reveal a lot about the service and the relationship with the supplier.
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