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Take Control of Your School Buildings with a Condition Survey

Join our webinar to understand how a school building condition survey will help you manage the long-term financial planning of your school estate. In this session we’ll discuss how a survey can enable planned maintenance and management backed up by comprehensive data to identify the lifecycle costings of your assets

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Contracting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Legal contracts can be an absolute minefield if you don’t know what you are looking at.  Join us as we hear from Katherine Douse, Senior Associate with Knights plc, where she will talk us through: If you’re involved in signing off contracts in your school, then this is a must

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Spot the difference: OJEU vs PCR 2015

With all the upheaval of the Covid pandemic, you would be completely forgiven if you have missed the Brexit-related changes to school procurement. OJEU is out but the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 remain!But what does this mean for you? Join Minerva’s own Lorraine Ashover for an in depth discussion of

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A New Insurance and Risk Landscape for Schools

We’re joined by Phil Webster, Executive Director at Gallagher, for an update on Insurance cover for schools and how to achieve best value from procurement exercises on Insurance and Risk Management services and provision. Phil specialises in the Education sector and has over 15 years education and experience and over

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Leasing catering equipment – what to be aware of

If you haven’t already heard, the longstanding ways of catering contractors investing in your catering equipment as part of their financial support for new and renewing contracts has changed. Investing in the equipment and then depreciating it over the term of the catering contract has recently been confirmed as a

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