ICT Managed Services

The Stonehenge School

ICT Managed Services

The Stonehenge School is community Secondary School based in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Co-educational for students aged 11 to 16 the school has a capacity of just under 1,000

The Background

The Stonehenge School recognised the need to tender its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) managed services to provide students with a modern and efficient learning environment. To achieve this, the school embarked on a procurement process for ICT Managed Services in accordance with the
Public Contract Regulations (PCR2015) guidelines.

A full restricted tender process was conducted as per PCR2015 which included a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) stage.


Limbrick Consultancy LLP, in collaboration with The Stonehenge School, meticulously drafted a comprehensive Statement of Requirements (SoR). This document outlined the school’s specific needs, objectives, and expected outcomes from the ICT Managed Services. It served as the foundation for the procurement process, ensuring that all potential providers understood the unique demands of the institution.

Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services Limited was entrusted with the task of conducting a thorough procurement process, ensuring that the process adhered to best practices including the highlighted key areas:

Compliance: The procurement process followed the PCR2015 guidelines meticulously, guaranteeing fairness, transparency, and competition throughout.

Evaluation Criteria: Clear evaluation criteria were established, allowing for an objective assessment of the proposals received.

Supplier Evaluation: Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services conducted a comprehensive evaluation of potential service providers to ensure they met the requirements outlined in the SoR.

Cost-Effectiveness: Cost-effectiveness was a key factor, and potential providers were required to demonstrate value for money in their proposals.

The procurement process adhered to the PCR2015 guidelines, ensuring fairness and transparency at every stage. Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services facilitated a structured and competitive tender process, resulting in multiple service providers submitting proposals that aligned with the school’s requirements.

Ultimately, the school selected a service provider whose proposal not only met the technical specifications but also demonstrated a clear understanding of the educational context and the school’s vision. The chosen provider offered a cost-effective solution that was aligned with the school’s budgetary constraints.

The Stonehenge School’s successful procurement of ICT Managed Services exemplifies the importance of a well-structured and compliant procurement process. With the guidance of Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services Limited and the expert Statement of Requirements by Limbrick Consultancy LLP, the school was able to achieve its goal of enhancing its ICT infrastructure, ultimately benefiting the entire school community.

Customer Feedback

The support we received from Minerva was exceptional, we were guided by Ben and Maria throughout the entire process and nothing was ever too much trouble.

Jo Wakeham, Business Manager, The Stonehenge School

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