Supporting Energy Saving Initiatives In Our Schools

Through our work with you and with our friends at Zenergi we know that energy is a massive expense for schools – even before the recent and protracted price hikes – and that so much of your time is taken up with looking at how you can reduce your energy costs. We also know that educating young people to conserve energy and reduce consumption is a priority and a major investment in our future. So, when Acer Trust approached us about an initiative they had set up to save energy across the Trust we were absolutely delighted to support their work.

While we often communicate about how you can save money through environmental initiatives, it is always exciting and inspiring when you can actually read about what schools have done and their incredible achievements.

This year staff and students across Acer Trust have been working together to reduce their energy consumption.  We were incredibly impressed by the stretching goal that their executive group had set to save 20% this year compared to the previous year.   The aim was to help reduce their impact on the environment and make sure that every penny possible is invested directly into the children’s education. 

We were happy to join with three other Acer Trust partner companies to pledge prizes for the schools that made the biggest savings in the consumption of gas and electricity. The prizes were awarded at an Eco Fair hosted by Icknield Community College in collaboration with Watlington Climate Action Group. What is particularly remarkable is the massive savings that can be made by taking small, simple steps that are universally achievable.

The 1st Prize was awarded to Matthew Arnold School who realised the biggest savings in gas consumption: an absolutely incredible 42%.  This was achieved simply by turning the heating down a couple of degrees during the winter, fitting tamper-proof thermostats and educating staff and students to make sure they understood what a difference doing simple things would make, such as turning off lights.

The 2nd Prize was awarded to Botley School for the biggest saving in electricity consumption.  They saved an incredible 31% this year, partially due to an upgrade to LED lighting last summer. In addition to this they have worked with their student council, held energy saving assemblies which have enthused and empowered their staff and students to make a real difference through simple behavioural changes.   Student monitors, for example, were on hand to make sure that teachers turned off lights and powered down whiteboards at the end of the lesson.

Minerva donated A Highly Commended prize of £75 Amazon vouchers to Icknield Community College.     They achieved a combined energy saving of 22% by appointing student energy monitors, working towards Eco Schools Green Flag accreditation and by investing in replacing the gas fired hot water systems in the Sports Hall block to electric point of use heaters.

This is a fantastic initiative that clearly grabbed the imagination and attention of everyone across the Trust and demonstrated that making a difference is within everyone’s grasp. If Acer Trust is anything to go by, then the future of our planet is in very capable hands.

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