Recorded on:
Thursday October 13 2022 12:30 pm
Length: 30 mins

Webinar Recording: Enhance Your School’s Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving Opportunities Through Compliance

A growing focus on energy efficiency has brought regulatory obligations to a larger number of schools than ever before. Although compliance can reduce budget pressures, it can be difficult to understand the different reporting timeframes and requirements.

We are joined by Zenergi’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jamie Hall, and Head of Business Development for Education, Chris Jermy, who will help you navigate this complex topic. Join this session for an overview of all the regulations with which your school may need to comply, the steps needed to achieve a compliant and successful outcome, and the implications for failing to do so.

Many schools are recognising the opportunity to look beyond the requirements and using the compliance and recommendation reports to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and associated costs within a structured net zero roadmap. This webinar will help you understand how Zenergi can help, with offers that can meet your compliance obligations in the most cost effective way, while benefitting from our value added services, including additional recommendation reports and extra resources.

This session is essential viewing for any school business manager or estates professional who is exploring all options to further protect their budget against rising energy costs.

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