Recorded on:
Wednesday March 29 2023 12:30 pm
Length: 30 mins

Webinar Recording: How To Create A Deposit Strategy

If you are a school or Trust that is lucky enough to have £250,000 or more surplus cash at the end of each month, then you may be interested in how you can make this surplus money work for you.

In our second webinar of 2023, we are joined by Ian Buss of Education Banking Consultancy to talk us through what you can do to help maximise your deposit interest returns, specifically looking at:

  • Practical ideas on bringing your Investment Policy up to date and ensuring it is workable and not open to interpretation
  • Making multiple bank deposits simple and showing how they can support your investment strategy

If you can’t make the live session, don’t worry – registering will ensure you get a recording of the webinar.

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