Recorded on:
Wednesday September 28 2022 12:30 pm
Length: 30 mins

Webinar Recording: Net Zero and School Catering

We are joined by John Edwards, of 3e Associates, NetZero, procurement and strategic advisor to the academies and education sector, Angela Tregear, Professor of Marketing at University of Edinburgh Business School and Adam Wilkinson, Founder of Impact Measurement Limited in a two part practical guide to the fundamental changes that we need to make in the delivery and management of school catering services to reduce carbon emissions.

Part 1 will look at:

  • what you should be considering in your procurement requirements.
  • how to evaluate and cut through any Green Washing.
  • what performance management and KPIs you should consider.

Part 2 will provide a quick look at a very simple meal analyser tool that you can you use to:

  • accurately baseline a menu/service carbon footprint.
  • accurately measure carbon reduction
  • provide your service provider/catering team with suggested areas to target for improved carbon reduction

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