Recorded on:
Wednesday March 27 2024 12:30 pm
Length: 30 mins

Webinar Recording: Practical Procurement Webinar: Energy Masterclass: How To Leverage A Favourable Energy Market

This month we are joined by Zenergi’s Energy Markets and Procurement team for an overview of the energy market landscape. Zenergi’s expert team continuously reviews the energy market, keeping on top of trends, news and forecasts affecting energy prices and plan to share their analysis in this session. Please tune in for a summary of what’s happened in the market; where prices are now; and a look to the future.

The energy crisis has highlighted the importance of having a clear, effective, long-term energy procurement strategy. So, irrespective of whether you have an upcoming renewal, this session is not to be missed.

You’ll leave the session armed with information to help your decision making and a clear understanding of the options available to you.

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