A day in the life of Maria Robinson

Tell us something interesting about yourself we might not know?

A couple of years ago I got to fulfil a childhood wish of learning how to play the drums. I joined the local rock project for amateur musicians and learnt to play
drums to songs by Bowie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns & Roses (the list goes on) and got to play in a band a few times for friends and family at a venue
where the counties amateurs also got to showcase their newly acquired skills. Don’t let age hold you back, pick up those drumsticks!

What’s your job title?

Procurement Account Manager aka PAM

Explain what that means in 20 words or less!

Tender process middle(wo)man, scoring bidder responses, attending site visits and presentations and keeping a strong relationship with our clients.

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office or start work at your desk?

Say “Hi” with a smile to anyone who is in, pop my laptop, phones and notebook out and get ready to jump on the morning call.

Tea or coffee?

Tea as my first drink of the day then build up to coffee (maybe even a vino in the evening but of course not on work hours).

On a typical day, what are your top 3 (work related!) priorities?

Checking any correspondence from our clients and Bidders, checking in with my colleague Ben to see what’s coming up to be completed or diarised and head down to focus on my tasks.

What did you get up to this morning?

I popped on my cycling gear and did a new cycle route into work – good way to wake up and an excuse to be able to eat more cake!

What do you do in your lunch break?

Went for a walk and made use of the sporadic British sunshine.

What happened this afternoon?

Listened to some 80s throwback tunes whilst focusing on some important scoring.

Describe a ‘win’ moment you’ve had in the last month.

Enjoying the change from a big corporate company to a small dedicated and respectful team of people – mental health is in good shape and the support and recognition is there!

Has anything gone wrong recently? What happened?!

Went on a team away day with the second half of the day given over for team building and I didn’t win the crazy golf.  I was too confident and also trigger happy taking pictures and got distracted, I’ll get them next time!

Are you a morning ‘up with the lark’ person or a night owl?

Hmmm tricky as I wake up super early however, I’m certainly not a hop out of bed as if I’m in a musical person, I tend to do the daily Wordle to get my brain going.  Early to bed for me but love reading til late.

How do you spend your evenings/weekends?

Cycling, working on my allotment, watching movies and trying not to fatten up my ginger cat Abigail!

What do you most like about working for Minerva?

The team spirit, camaraderie, support for one another and not just accepting the way we do things as being enough, we continue to want to improve and grow.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

It’s okay to be yourself (and stay away from carbs)

Your chosen specialist subject if you were on Mastermind?

Movies from the 90s.

Need assistance?

Our friendly Executive Assistant, Plum Garland is here to help. Call today: 01256 213242

Not feeling chatty? Email us at team@minervapcs.com