Webinars - MT2 Season 2

This week Lorraine is stuck in the mud singing in the rain at Glastonbury Festival. At least the food was nice!
Last week Lorraine was at Glastonbury festival, this week she's at another festival.
This week Rebekah Brooks is here to talk to you about phone hacking...
See what Lorraine gets up to after a pint of Guinness...
This week Lorraine explains just one of the free ways Minerva can offer you advice and guidance.
Esta semana Lorraine explica como voce deveria tratar seus fornecedores. (This week Lorraine explains how you should treat you…
This week Lorraine is helping you catch the criminals!
This week Lorraine will make you freeze and think "ice, ice, baby!"
This week Lorraine explains the importance of working together. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." …
This week Lorraine is sharing some very important analysis. The results may shock you!
This week Lorraine explains how important it is to avoid challenges with your PQQ.
This week Lorraine reveals a deep dark secret...
This week Lorraine explains how to keep the peace with your suppliers.
This week Lorraine is here to point you in the right direction.
This week Lorraine (the good) is here to talk about the bad and the ugly of cowboy spenders.
This week Lorraine for our end of season special infiltrates the HQ of Blackstone Security to bring you the latest intel!
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