Webinars - MT2 Season 4

Season Four starts with a challenge to increase your productivity!
How can you help smaller suppliers?
What does your bundle look like?
5 golden tips on security
Lorraine has some really important advice about tendering your payroll services.
GDPR - are you chickening out of checking your supply chain?
Is your lunch exotic? Expensive? Or are you hoping it will be free?!
Presentation days are a golden opportunity...
A celebrity tactic!
Do you have time for a beautiful view?
Is Lorraine still tied into those terms and conditions?
What happens if it all goes wrong?
Aileen, Brian, Caroline, Dylan, Eleanor...
We're using the C-word
Can you turn waste into gold?
Have you added frameworks to your procurement toolbox?
Don't throw yourself in the deep end!
Why didn't the chicken cross the road?
Do you want to build a snowman?
Do you have a gold-standard relationship with your suppliers?
It's all about feedback...
What can your technology do for you?
Lorraine's in two places at once!
If you don't plan ahead, it can really cost you...
Tea cups of gold...
Who knew that procuring passports could be so complicated?
Lorraine has some advice for you
What's your personal preference?
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