Webinars - MT2 Season 6

Every penny counts - look to what you have to save money
Make notes on EVERYTHING in case of disappointment
Are your key suppliers ready for Brexit?
Golden technology moments - think before you buy and make sure your tech works for you.
Time can sort things out. Be kind to yourself and put off difficult tasks if you are not in the right frame of mind
Are you on the ball? If not you could be contributing to poor service.
Sweat the small stuff! Tell your bidders exactly what you need them to do to avoid extra work later in the process
A Golden Reminder that even the biggest companies make the most basic of mistakes
Try before you buy! Make sure the service is fit for purpose.
When shortlisting bidders 5 is the magic number
A reminder to keep an eye on the cowboys in your ranks....
Minerva Christmas Message
Make sure your ICT is Open All Hours
A New Year look back at how getting moving will help your procurement
Check your telephone bills - there are big savings to be made
To get a real feel for your potential supplier there is no substitution for supplier presentations
A Golden Opportunity to make the most of those hidden benefits
This week Lorraine administers First Aid
Make sure the Scores on the Doors match your requirements
Being a Business Manager can be a lonely job. Conferences and events remind you, you are not alone!
A timely look back at how change can affect us - and how to deal with it
Eat Chocolate, Keep Calm and Carry On
In these difficult times, there is help dealing with the most pressing issues. Lorraine gives guidance on how to deal with catering contracts - and don't forget to take care of yourself
Pace yourself to find a speed that suits you and your level of expertise
Just one of the glamorous venues Lorraine could be found in 2014 - prior to lockdown! Remember that?
Check your contract - and don't be afraid to add the clauses you need.
The world is changing and so is the way you can use technology
In a time of crisis the unscrupulous will try and take advantage - but despite appearances it is not Lorraine who is the criminal here
In the days you could go to Starbucks....
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