Webinars - MT2 Season 5

Did you say what you meant?
It may only be September, but Lorraine has been having a 'spring' clean...
Are you getting added value?
Do you read reviews?
Are you getting the most out of your incumbent suppliers?
18 months on, has our Brexit advice changed?
Warning: fraudulent emails are on the rise
Ambulances and police cars and fire engines, oh my!
Have you made someone smile today?
Tendering your payroll or HR Admin?
Framework or full OJEU tender?
Feedback is a gift!
We're facing a shortage...
Christmas raffle
One hundred and eighty!
Purchased any ferries recently?
Does your ferry company deliver to your door?
What if it all goes wrong?
Your Contract MOT - is everything in working order?
Contract Renewals - when is a deadline not a deadline?
Put your glasses on and read the small print
Contact negotiations - know your walk away position
Know the financial status of your key suppliers
Engage your suppliers to get a more competitive price
Just a reminder - more heads can be better than one.
Keep an open mind when evaluating bids
Golden moments - collaboration is key
Take time to develop your procurement strategy - get it right!
Check the small print or you may have to provide bacon sandwiches, Prosecco and birthday cake......
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