Webinars - MT2 Season 7

Have a great Summer but look forward to next year and think about contract renewals. You will be glad you did - honest!
A message from 2018 which is as important today as it was then - do not be taken in by scammers. They are everywhere and they do not give up.
This week Lorraine is a bit sweaty and her equipment has let her down so let this be a lesson for us all.
Some excellent tactics this week on how to manage communication with in house teams. It can be an unsettling time for many but you must remain compliant - be reassuring but do not give anything away.
Read your bids so you can ask the right questions at the presentation.
This week Lorraine is reporting from Turkey on how vital it is to read the reviews and to take references seriously. They reveal a lot about the service and the relationship with the supplier.
Know you cyber risks - building defences is an important part of you strategy but insurance can also have a part to play.
Make sure you get your numbers absolutely spot on to avoid problems later on.
Even Lorraine can make mistakes - disaster struck because she did not act in time.
When Inviting tenders 5 is the optimum number - not too many to be unmanageable, but enough to give you choice
Lorraine was ahead of her time - she knows a thing or two about staycations
Sometimes, the longer the delay the better
Feedback is a gift - but it is not always giftwrapped. Make sure you are clear when you feedback to suppliers - and put it in writing
There are people in this video! And shops! Must be a blast from the past
If Lorraine invites you to dinner - say no
When is an organisation not an organisation?
OMG-Lorraine has escaped....to the dentist
Nearly 3 years in and GDPR is still with us.
Multi tasking is a myth
Don't get conned into opting in!
Don't forget to look after yourselves
Take the time to get your information right
Are those negatives still being turned to positives?
5 is the magic number
Welcome to NOvember - a new concept in management
You might think your supplier has given you a great deal, but can it be improved by a BAFO?
Wind, rain, Covid-19, the US elections... It's all looking a bit grim outside the windows this week! So we thought it would be an excellent time to dig out this episode from the archives and remind you that it's World Kindness Day coming up on 13th November - something to look forward to!
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